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Friendly Fight by MalaysianIrex Friendly Fight :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 6 6 A View Of A Familiar Place by MalaysianIrex A View Of A Familiar Place :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 1 0 kek by MalaysianIrex kek :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 1 5 Merko Body Pillow by MalaysianIrex Merko Body Pillow :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 2 7 Kaneki's Rampage by MalaysianIrex Kaneki's Rampage :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 2 5 Xenomorph in Godzilla GoW? by MalaysianIrex Xenomorph in Godzilla GoW? :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 8 6 Diablophosaurus VS Venatosaurus by MalaysianIrex Diablophosaurus VS Venatosaurus :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 6 4 Tree-Creeper by MalaysianIrex Tree-Creeper :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 6 1 Phantom Dossier #1 Korat by MalaysianIrex Phantom Dossier #1 Korat :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 8 0 PC Acro reskin by MalaysianIrex PC Acro reskin :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 5 0 Sultan Pack WIP by MalaysianIrex Sultan Pack WIP :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 5 2 Monsters of Monsters by MalaysianIrex Monsters of Monsters :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 9 0 Venatosaurus stk by MalaysianIrex Venatosaurus stk :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 8 2 Rimba the Malaysian Kaiju! by MalaysianIrex Rimba the Malaysian Kaiju! :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 5 1 CJ McQueer by MalaysianIrex CJ McQueer :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 1 0 KamiSensoGoji New Look by MalaysianIrex KamiSensoGoji New Look :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 6 1


Eich Sona by Eichmein Eich Sona :iconeichmein:Eichmein 10 11
Monster Island Expanded - Skull Island Fauna pt. 1
When Skull Island sank beneath the waves, hundreds of species of prehistoric beasts were left without a home. Many managed to swim to nearby islands, where they were promptly found and brought to Monster Island. Strangely enough, many of the island’s animals resemble outdated tail-dragging restorations of dinosaurs; how and why they evolved to look this way remains a mystery.
Of course, Skull Island is perhaps the most famous for being home to several different kaiju, including one of the very, very few beings to have gone toe to toe against Godzilla and come out victorious.
Megaprimatus kong: Many consider 1956 to be the beginning of the ‘Age of Monsters,’ when the first Godzilla made his appearance in Tokyo that shocked the world, but only slightly less memorable is the story of King Kong; a gargantuan ape worshipped as a god by the people of the tiny island that he called home, captured by a thrill-seeking film-maker and presented to
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 4 14
Here comes Mothra by YourFriendDestoroyah Here comes Mothra :iconyourfrienddestoroyah:YourFriendDestoroyah 14 5 Persona Ref Neon Carla Soul of Hope power traits by NeonCarla Persona Ref Neon Carla Soul of Hope power traits :iconneoncarla:NeonCarla 23 49 SpinoZilla!!!!! The perfect blend between by FredtheDinosaurman SpinoZilla!!!!! The perfect blend between :iconfredthedinosaurman:FredtheDinosaurman 593 80 Brother's Greatest Gift by EliteRaptor2015 Brother's Greatest Gift :iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 11 47 Evolved Trilopod by TeamDinosauria21 Evolved Trilopod :iconteamdinosauria21:TeamDinosauria21 10 28 Arcadetale Oc: Arcade Asriel by NeonCarla Arcadetale Oc: Arcade Asriel :iconneoncarla:NeonCarla 18 69
Fake Friends
Fake friends
There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends"
Original from: 
SugoiSmoll:iconsugoismoll:Copied from: 
Damn, I feel so uncertain doing this... :(
:iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 1 25
Alien versus Predator Pivot Art by SrSpinelli Alien versus Predator Pivot Art :iconsrspinelli:SrSpinelli 11 5 AvP Pivot Pack Update 1.1 by SrSpinelli AvP Pivot Pack Update 1.1 :iconsrspinelli:SrSpinelli 20 8 GWMF Kaiju Cast by Sci-fiman2xxx GWMF Kaiju Cast :iconsci-fiman2xxx:Sci-fiman2xxx 20 5 North American megafauna by SameerPrehistorica North American megafauna :iconsameerprehistorica:SameerPrehistorica 65 9 !GRRrrRr! wolfy by merko1234 !GRRrrRr! wolfy :iconmerko1234:merko1234 13 14 Dark CrosXover characters by rizalramdan95 Dark CrosXover characters :iconrizalramdan95:rizalramdan95 11 25
this guy needs to leave DA for good
crocodile-wolf-9000 he is a banned user of many accounts but he stressed out the DA staff to where they won't do NOTHING.
yes report him AND block him.
best to spread this out too.
here the stuff he did in the past
*gasp* I wonder what these are : D
OH! it the truth about crocodile-wolf-9000 XDD
man he made my day bad but now I'm having a GREAAAAAT TIME XDDDD
for Kagefan-121--You dont know the feeling
Dear Kagefan-121 <-- yes he done sex roleplays and i also found one too
:iconmarry-in-thebox:marry-in-thebox 5 0



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BornToBeWild2016 Featured By Owner 3 days ago   Digital Artist
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ijreid Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Congrats on being the only reasonable commenter on Daizua's post about us "trolls" :thumbsup:
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So there's this one guy who thinks I harass Asuma because I'm a member of Paleo Nazi ._.
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Most of us have barely spoken to Asuma, there are just a few who have criticized him (and only one who really harassed him).
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Lol I mean no disrespect on both sides. Asuma is wrong in this case, stealing from Scott Hartman is a huge deal. We know what's coming for him. Plus, I'm a member in Paleo-Nazi. 
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Yo Malaysianlrex! I'm a Dino Run fan! I made these awesome pictures of the game if they were on arcade and NES. Dino Run NES Cartridge Dino Run Arcade Machine
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hey man i need your help with something
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