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Sultan Pack WIP by MalaysianIrex Sultan Pack WIP :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 3 0 Monsters of Monsters by MalaysianIrex Monsters of Monsters :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 6 0 Venatosaurus stk by MalaysianIrex Venatosaurus stk :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 8 2 Rimba the Malaysian Kaiju! by MalaysianIrex Rimba the Malaysian Kaiju! :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 3 0 CJ McQueer by MalaysianIrex CJ McQueer :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 1 0 KamiSensoGoji New Look by MalaysianIrex KamiSensoGoji New Look :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 5 1 Azizul Redesign by MalaysianIrex Azizul Redesign :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 3 0 Serious Ahri is Serious by MalaysianIrex Serious Ahri is Serious :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 6 3 Hyperendrocin Giga Stk by MalaysianIrex Hyperendrocin Giga Stk :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 7 7 Kong VS Ramarak by MalaysianIrex Kong VS Ramarak :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 3 1 Malayavenator VS Utaratyrannus by MalaysianIrex Malayavenator VS Utaratyrannus :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 5 3 Architect of Your Own DESTRUCTION by MalaysianIrex Architect of Your Own DESTRUCTION :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 0 1 Cranky by MalaysianIrex Cranky :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 0 7 Proof CJ is an asshole by MalaysianIrex Proof CJ is an asshole :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 0 14 Le King Negus by MalaysianIrex Le King Negus :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 0 0 Hedorah Stk by MalaysianIrex Hedorah Stk :iconmalaysianirex:MalaysianIrex 5 1


Evolved Trilopod by TeamDinosauria21 Evolved Trilopod :iconteamdinosauria21:TeamDinosauria21 10 28 Arcadetale Oc: Arcade Asriel by NeonCarla Arcadetale Oc: Arcade Asriel :iconneoncarla:NeonCarla 18 59
Fake Friends
Fake friends
There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends"
Original from: 
SugoiSmoll:iconsugoismoll:Copied from: 
Damn, I feel so uncertain doing this... :(
:iconeliteraptor2015:EliteRaptor2015 1 23
Alien versus Predator Pivot Art by SrSpinelli Alien versus Predator Pivot Art :iconsrspinelli:SrSpinelli 7 5 AvP Pivot Pack Update 1.1 by SrSpinelli AvP Pivot Pack Update 1.1 :iconsrspinelli:SrSpinelli 15 8 GWMF Kaiju Cast by Sci-fiman2xxx GWMF Kaiju Cast :iconsci-fiman2xxx:Sci-fiman2xxx 21 5 North American megafauna by SameerPrehistorica North American megafauna :iconsameerprehistorica:SameerPrehistorica 57 7 !GRRrrRr! wolfy by merko1234 !GRRrrRr! wolfy :iconmerko1234:merko1234 11 14 Dark CrosXover characters by rizalramdan95 Dark CrosXover characters :iconrizalramdan95:rizalramdan95 11 25
this guy needs to leave DA for good
crocodile-wolf-9000 he is a banned user of many accounts but he stressed out the DA staff to where they won't do NOTHING.
yes report him AND block him.
best to spread this out too.
here the stuff he did in the past
*gasp* I wonder what these are : D
OH! it the truth about crocodile-wolf-9000 XDD
man he made my day bad but now I'm having a GREAAAAAT TIME XDDDD
for Kagefan-121--You dont know the feeling
Dear Kagefan-121 <-- yes he done sex roleplays and i also found one too
:iconmarry-in-thebox:marry-in-thebox 5 0
Save Me (Remake) by merko1234 Save Me (Remake) :iconmerko1234:merko1234 9 15 Ginga the Gingasaur! by RajaGingasaur Ginga the Gingasaur! :iconrajagingasaur:RajaGingasaur 4 8 Ahri Foxtails(Mega Goddess form) by NeonCarla Ahri Foxtails(Mega Goddess form) :iconneoncarla:NeonCarla 15 39 Pivot art - Who will know + Shin Godzilla download by SpaceTaco101 Pivot art - Who will know + Shin Godzilla download :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 13 16 My Mirror Dragon Named: Genno by merko1234 My Mirror Dragon Named: Genno :iconmerko1234:merko1234 10 0 DajjiGoji - Destoroyah by Daizua123 DajjiGoji - Destoroyah :icondaizua123:Daizua123 32 33



Sultan Pack WIP
YEEEEE MY BOIIIIIS and girls. My first pack is coming, as soon as I reach 100 subs. So what are you waiting for? If you want it, you'll have to do me a favor. Simple as that. No, there won't be downloads. I'll send them via e-mail. And if I found anyone giving out parts of the stks in the pack, I will do everything I can to strike the people involved. 
Here's my YT channel:…
Yes, as soon as I reach 100 subs anyone that didn't subscribe will still get it. So you must help everyone by clicking the subscribe button. 
Pssst... there will be puzzles too ;) 
Here are the list of the stks in the pack:
Human base
:iconrizkiusmaulanae: Edmontosaurus
Malayavenator (Gold,PC and mallard variant)
Hypoendrocine Giganotosaurus (kinda reluctant to do so)
Smilodon Gaster Blaster
??? ceratopsian WIP
??? pterosaur WIP
Monsters of Monsters
Originally, Ghidorah's supposed to be triple the size of Godzilla. But this is their first meeting,before civilization even exists and Ghidrah's still young so oh well. I present to you, the three headed dragon and the king of the monsters! That's it. Yup, I made this out of boredom :/ Still canon to Gow tho!
All stks belongs to Me
Godzilla: GoW is basically the same as GWMF but the story is change a little and the obvious is its name changed. Human characters still the same, kaiju origins are changed.
Here's some stuff that you need to know about GoW:

It is somewhat copy of Monsterverse, except more kaijus and the world revolves around it will be more open. In short, more diversity. 

So here's the synopsis for all the season and arcs

Season 1, God's War Arc
Oh no, Godzilla appeared and then more monsters appeared. What? We actually lived with them the whole time? Monarch and world government hides them from us the whole time? RIOT!!! SOCIETY CRUMBLES! And then blablabla politics and shit. We built robots,more weapons and walls (Donald Trump will love this). Yeah, basic human stuff. If you don't know what that thing is just nuke it. But that one main characters always try to stop or at least delay the fight between man and kaijus and study them before fighting them. Oh, also an evil global terrorist organization is creating kaijus like Zilla,Komi,Chiropterror etc
Season 1, Man's Fall? Arc
King Ghidorah comes out of hiding and fucks everyone up. Surprise,surprise. He is actually Godzilla's long live nemesis. Their first fight Godzilla just loses. And then Godzilla brings all his gang (jk, just Mothra,Rodan and Anguirus) to beat this golden dragon. King Ghidorah lose and flees like a lil bitch. And question his existence like I do.

Miniseries stuffy, Skull Island Arc
Yeah main character and peeps went to Skull Island because Godzilla comes ashore several weeks ago and didn't move. They sent medical and food supplies to the Iwi natives too. Godzilla wakes up and unleashes a nuclear pulse, destroying the island beach his on. Enraged by the destruction he caused, Kong the god of the island. Tries to get rid of Godzilla form the island by fighting him. But what's a king to a god? Godzilla wins of course. Godzilla leaves as soon as possible but Kong is not letting him go. They fought in Argentina for quite sometime until Kong gets the upperhand and shoves a tree to Godzilla's mouth. He also dodges Godzilla's atomic breath with no effort at all. Kong swims back to his island victorious with Godzilla ashamed because he underestimated a 45 meters high ape.

Season 2, Attack on Titan Arc
The evil global organization desperately unleashes fucking giant humans across the globe. Main character and friends races against time to stop them from making everyone butt naked giant humanoids (eventually main characters becomes one too, but a wolf version. IRONY). In the same time, Godzilla just stomps them with no effort. Eventually, some brainwashed titan shifters realized they're puppets and teams up with Godzilla to kill the main protagonist, Colossal Titan (SPOILER ALERT: Not Bertholdt Hoover)
Season 2, Undertale Arc
Eradicating butt naked humanoids is a hardwork. So main character and military lures hundreds of them to a mountain range in Eastern Europe to incinerate them. But holy shit, the ass naked giants could fly! Jk they just jump like frogs. Blablabla, cliches happening and main character and friends fell into the underground. And what did they found? GYPSIES. Nope. They found the lost Eldian people trapped underground by Soviets in secret during the Cold War. To escape the underground, they must find a true Eldian with enough D-Termination blood type. But they must hurry, because not all of the titans is incinerated. In the end, True Pacifist Ending. But during their visit underground, half of India became a barren wasteland. Because SPACE-G drop out of the sky like a shooting star. 

Season 3, Close Encounter
Extraterrestrial life confirmed everybody. And they want to kill us all. Crystal beings from the asteroid belt is going to fuck Earth and make it their bitch. But good ol pal Big-G is here to save us. Dem Krystalak brings Orga with him too. Earth monsters unites and destroy the crystal creatures. Also, Krystalak took Space-G's life. Big-G shatters Krystalak's heart and all crystal drones of his fell apart. 
Season 3, Too Close
The crystal drones accidentally sent signals to the Xillieas and Space Hunters via Romveseners technology. All of them rushes to Earth but not until the 2 alien race wages war on moon. Space hunters loses and all of them literally explode mid-fight. And that's why you never go to war with just one huge fucking ship. But at least they let their pet Gigan go. Xillieas demands the world government to surrender Earth as their colony. But nope, Star Wars happened. And main character joins the fight too. Surprisingly we won with help from King Ghidorah, he died. Don't worry he became a mecha later.

Season 4, Spirit World
Spirits and ghosts used to be stories to scare kids. So do monsters. But they're REAL. Main character went to Norway,Middle-East,Malaysia and Japan to study them. And ooh boy do they have kaijus. While this is happening, terrorist group known just as "Blue Army" conquers India during its weakest state and Southern China. The spirit kaijus wakes from their hibernation when the terrorists tempers with their territories. But they unleashed the Gabrahs on Osaka, so its a nah fuck you-nah fuck you situation. Spirit kaijus win. Its obvious. Rimba and Shisa goes back to hibernate. Meanwhile, main character accepts to be the shaman of Nusantara and became immortal (just resistant to age,cancer and diseases,could die from being impaled in the head so NO, main character isn't Deadpool)
Season 4, Rulers of Earth
Kaijus, natural,cloned or artificial alike. Lived in peace. Rounded on Monster Island by the humans or free to roam as long as they didn't pose any threat. Main character comments on how peaceful life has been lately, he also has a family now. As if a rainbow after storm. But he realized something, his wife ages but he doesn't. That's what happens when you made a deal with the devil.

Season 5, In the Eye Of a Dead Man
Main character loses his wife, son ran away. Alone with nothing else to do. He is considered retired by many personnel he knew before due to his age. He is now a storm chaser, reporting any kaiju threat to the central government. But of course, that too is very rare. King Ghidorah is on the good side now,Gigan vaporised,Space-G dead. Main character is now just a miserable depressed old man. But one day, his son came back. But not how he expected. His son is a member of the Blue Army. It isn't a family reunion. His son demands an information he has but of course, he's talking to a 96 years old grumpy man who still looks like in his 40s. His son brought him to their base to interrogate him. He's stubborn as ever. Tortures doesn't work either. Soon he realized, they're helping a rogue AI, B166ER to destroy the kaijus and civilization with a never ending army of mechs,androids and drones.
Season 5, Cataclysm
B166ER succeeded. His army of machine marches towards Egypt an in one night, all town is set ablaze. Afraid of this corrupt AI, the world leaders demands a virus to destroy this thing. But what they didn't know is that B166ER is too powerful that it could reprogram anything that runs with 0s and 1s. The Pentagon's US Super Mech is hacked by B166ER using their own computer virus and terminates every military system. Only for them to be reprogrammed and destroy cities. Everyone's worst nightmare, the nuclear arsenal are set upon their own cities. During his first week, B166ER is now considered the 22nd century Digi-God. His army runs on bio fuels and were upgraded to eat organisms like humans. Godzilla senses the distortion of nature's balance and rises towards Pentagon. To destroy B166ER. Main character's son realized what he has done and tries to help his father but the main character rejects, he told him to turn around and fix this problem. Like their creator, machines too made own weapon of mass destruction, an EMP bomb used only during desperate times and in emergence. Main character's son defeats all the machines in his way and with only energy he has left, activates an EMP blast that will turn off every machine on Earth. Which means we're back to the start, the stone age. Godzilla dismantles all the machines in his way and looks to the buildings. He then destroys everything in his path, shooting out atomic breath to the streets, killing civilians and machines alike. Main character nods in respect and accepts this as a punishment. Once thought a protector now turned demon, but he was never a protector in the first place. He knew that humans has caused an irreverseable unbalance in nature and the damage is too big for him to not act. Ever since then, the new society of humans stopped tempering with nature and respects them.

Season 6, The End (note: just one episode)
Main character is now the Great Endertazering. He looks from the rooftops, how society has changed with the absence of machines. No gadgets. Just like living in the countryside. Some people worships the kaijus for rain and more harvest for the year. Kaijus now doesn't live in the shadows like they did 200 years ago. They lived together with those who worships them, and they do not pose anymore threats. Main character looks at Godzilla as he stands next to the building he's on. He closes his eyes and feels grateful for the moments he had with Big-G. As everything fades to black, Godzilla roars, the longest he had.


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